July, 23, 2012

Bashar Assad Photoshopped?

“Photos Of Syrian President From Official State Media Appear Doctored” We came across this really interesting article in the Huffington post and couldn’t help but blog about it. This would take photoshop to a whole … Read More


July, 11, 2012

Check out this awesome video by Melissa King

“Seven women were photographed by a professional fashion photographer without make-up, in just their underwear and a tank top, as they speak about their personal experiences with body image and media. The photos are not … Read More


July, 10, 2012

28 Bloggers today…

… participated in  Off our Chests’ Feel More Better “Not Photo Shopped” campaign! View all 28 by clicking on the image below (or at StyleCaster News). More info about the campaign and t-shirts is at: … Read More


July, 10, 2012

AXS MAP launched!

The talented filmmaker Jason DaSilva, Alice Cook and team of the Brooklyn-based AXS Lab launch AXSMAP “People with disabilities often suffer a ‘civil death’ due exclusion primarily related to physical barriers of the built environment. … Read More


July, 10, 2012

Check this out…


July, 3, 2012

Tell Teen Vogue to Publish Un-Retouched Images too!

Change.org|Free Online Petitions


July, 3, 2012

Seventeen Magazine agrees to publish un-retouched photos of girls!

A big hell ya to the #KeepitRealCampaign and everyone who participated! Next up…. get Teen Vogue to do the same: Sign the Petition!!!!! For more info on this check out the awesome Girl Power blog. … Read More


July, 2, 2012

Boy Blogger

Awesome blog post on SPARK by Zachary Kimmel, age 13, Brooklyn, NY Unrealistic Media Images Get Into Boys’ Heads, Too Re-posted from SPARK “Ed note: We talk a lot at SPARK about the negative outcomes … Read More