February, 25, 2009

From Mannequin Madness

Got this email from a woman who sells used mannequins. Thought her comments about what mannequins sell the most was pretty interesting….

I sell used mannequins and a customer of mine came in raving about your movie which she had just seen at the Lunafest. I saw a clip of it on Youtube and I must say I was fascinated. Many of the used mannequins I sell are by Patina V, so it was real cool to see how they are made. I am going to add your clip to my upcoming blog.

Even though we offer plus size mannequins, we find they sell very slowly – everyone wants skinny mannequins. BTW, 99% of the mannequins are the market are not only skinny but also tall and youthful.

Judi Henderson-Townsend


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