July, 16, 2009

Girls from Girls Inc. chime in

Through Girls Inc. 2 interns are working on the film Going on 13 this summer. Katarina writes in after watching WET DREAMS AND FALSE IMAGES:

Wake Up Fellaz & Feel the love Ladies

By Kick-butt interns

Katarina: Ok, so I’m on film duty! and there was this movie that Fu and I watched called, Wet Dreams & False Images. The title was enough for me to get excited about watching it! Lol. But seriously, this movie is pretty awesome. The entire time I was thinking, “Do guys really think that kind of stuff about women?”and they really do! At the beginning when those dudes were describing the chicks in the magazine, I really felt bad about myself. I mean I dont have *photoshopped* silky smooth skin, or anything like that. But man you cannot BELIEVE the female power i felt when those guys were dead silent watching the professional explain that everything they’d been worshipping in models was pretty much FAKE! ooomg it was awesome. Let’s just say I felt pretty sexy after that. I’m one of those people who had really starved for the “dream” bodies all the guys liked. Nowadays I’m thinking that there is somebody out there who is not ashamed to say “Hey, she ain’t no model, but thats the best part!” Lmao. It’s almost sad though.

All their lives guys have been misled, they’re gonna have to start realizing that real women aren’t what they thought they were. Suckers…

“See that, is smooth. Silky smooth, I could bet a million dollars that ain’t airbrushed.” – Dee-Dee “Booty Expert” O.o! :p

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