August, 3, 2008


Decided to create this blog to start discussions around body image and media.

I’m in the process of producing a series of short documentary films — that will work together as a feature. The over-all goal is to take a look at various cultural definitions of beauty, and to raise questions about striving for physical perfection.

The first short is called WET DREAMS AND FALSE IMAGES and uses humor to raise serious questions about the marketplace of commercial illusion. The second, THE GUARANTEE, asks what it means for a person to change their physical appearance through plastic surgery — does changing our bodies change our cultural identity? And, the third segment, currently in the YouTube Screening Room, is called 34x25x36 and is about mannequins, perfection, and religion.

Instead of just bashing the beauty industry or something, I’m much more interested in why we do the things we do. What purpose does striving for perfection serve — if any?

Thanks for chiming in on YouTube — maybe we can start more of a discussion here.