February, 13, 2012

NOW honors Quentin Walcott!

Quentin Walcott
“Through his bold work, Quentin Walcott is pushing communities to redefine manhood and is building a society that embraces equality and rejects violence against women and girls as the status quo. An anti-violence activist and educator, he has spent the last 16 years addressing a critical part of the equation to stopping violence against women: men. Quentin has developed and launched some of New York City’s only programs aimed at transforming bystanders, male youth, and even batterers into allies and activists against all forms of violence. He is the Director of the CONNECT’s Training Institute Community Empowerment Program and spearheads their Male Anti-Violence initiatives. There he has created a wide range of programming on manhood and fatherhood that has been delivered across New York City, including inventive programs for teens.” MORE INFO

For a small taste of the great work he does, check out the panel he co-hosted after a screening of Wet Dreams and False Images in the barbershop: