December, 22, 2009


Truly awesome poets from Power Writers respond in writing:

Looking at Me
by Patricia Holman

My heart is beating slowly
To the rhythm of silence
And for once, I can finally say…

There’s nothing to distract me
It’s just me
My journal, and
The craftiness of my pen

I look out towards my window
Trynna find some inspiration
Instead I see my cousin and his buddies
On the street

I redirect my vision
To the page below my hand
This is MY TIME
And I will not let any foolishness
Take control of me,
Let alone my mind

I look up towards the ceiling
Hoping maybe I’d see a vision
The vision that I make out
Is a vision of me
It’s what I wanna be

Without a blemish on my face
My skin looks like chocolate
My eyes are light brown
And there’s a dimple on each cheek

Check out my circumference
Which is lined with baby hair
Long locks to my breasts
Just a hint of grey hair

There’s a mole upon my shoulder
And my tits are perfectly round
My nipples just right
Not too hard, not too soft

Heading deeper to my core
My abs have the perfect 4 pack
My body like a coke bottle
Big across the top
Coming in around the middle

Now take a look at my behind
Lord knows, that thang is juicy
Nice and firm, with enough curve
To put a drink on it

My hips a 42
Check the swagga, when I sway
I make wide turns
So I put my signal on
Like a Mack truck

Put your face into my pocketbook
There’s not a stitch of hair nowhere
It’s like you’re on the Moon
There’s not a sign of life anywhere

My thighs are the thickest
You can’t but wanna taste ‘em
Like a milkshake
You couldn’t suck me through a straw

Talkin’ about suckin’
Face your eyes upon my toes
10 little piggies
Without a bunion or a corn
All in alignment

This is what I wish I could be
What I wish you could see
What I wish was me

But it’s not me…